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Sansa Secures The internet‑of‑things

Sansa Security is the only comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) security platform. We offer a unified and scalable solution across both IoT and mobile for everything from jet engines to light bulbs. Our products and services address all security aspects from the silicon chipset to the provisioning of secrets via the cloud.

Sansa Security enables new business models between customers, suppliers and technology partners by providing for secure interactions while removing the need for mutual trust. Parties share and distribute secrets via the Sansa Server which connects the cloud with the actual silicon in the device so you can connect and transact with new and existing devices, safely.

See how we do it

Coby Sella, CEO of Sansa Security, explains the current IoT Market and its challenges. According to recent research by Accenture’s Acuity division over 57% consumers were less willing to buy IoT devices because of data breaches and security concerns. We think this is just wrong and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Challenges of the New Connected World

  • Many diverse devices, with varying processing capabilities
  • Many different types of attacks, at many different levels
  • Limited operating environments requires lightweight technology
  • Longevity and scale; these devices can be out in the field for decades
  • Continuous configuration, command and control needed
  • Provisioning challenges locally and remotely
  • Solutions that aren’t built for the cloud from day 1
  • Chaotic landscape with unique multi-domain expertise required

Our Products


The client is a unique software stack that runs securely on the device side and is scalable across a variety of devices from factory robots to mobile phones. It is the control point. The client enables you to provision keys at a later date and also is the hub of rights management. You decide what is turned on or off.

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The server component does just what it sounds like. It serves the client with the required information from either a Sansa cloud service or your own cloud service.

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Sansa Silicon is the core and it delivers the silicon level security infrastructure needed to enable silicon vendors like ARM, Qualcomm, and Intel to deploy the right roots of trust, basic security capabilities, and full security solutions on their chipsets and reference designs.

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Trusted Applications

Secure applications that run in the Trusted Execution Environment and are secured to the silicon. Our Trusted Applications range from content protection to payments and beyond.

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Sansa Technology Examples

Sansa’s architecture-level security hardware enables the leasing company to offer pay-as-you go MRI scans.

Silicon level hardware coupled by Sansa software allows for easy updates to smart meters deployed marketplace for years, sometimes even decades.

Handset manufacturers install chipset level security that interacts with Sansa software on bank servers that allows mobile transactions.

By providing a vehicle’s hardware security and security software for the manufacturer’s server, features can be unlocked or upgraded remotely.

Sansa provides handset manufacturers key codes and built in security that allows rights-protected content to be delivered and played on your TV at home.

Who uses Sansa security?

Sansa Advantages

  • Domain Knowledge of the best engineers and scientists
  • Industry Respect, frequently contributing and consulted
  • Scale, which brings collaboration which breeds scale
  • Intellectual Property, sufficient patent protection on core
  • Unified Technology, single security across all platforms
  • Distributed Technology, secrets stay with you
  • Revenue Incentive System, biz logic to enable new business models
  • Experienced and proven, long term track record of success

About Sansa

Current Market

Over 150 million units annually

55% market share for high-end devices

Embedded in flagship Android devices: Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Nexus

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At Sansa Security, you’ll find a place where highly motivated professionals thrive and where ideas, personal creativity, and independent thinking is rewarded. We work together as a team to produce the best possible solutions.